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I'll keep this page as up-tp-date as I can. Check out my Instagram profile as well @ledahfinck for upcoming events, and head over to to see the full list of what's in store there.

April 4 2024 - Sound of Silent Film Festival Chicago, IL

Live music for silent short films, presented by Access Contemporary Music

I composed music for "Falling For Greta", a short film by Gustavo Arteaga

More info here

April 14 2024 - Bergamot Quartet + Sō Percussion at Public Records Brooklyn, NY

Songs That Are Hard to Sing for octet, by Dan Trueman

In The Brink for string quartet and drum kit, with Jason Treuting on drums, by Ledah Finck

When the Light Hits Just Right for octet, by Angelica Negron

Fefe for Sō Percussion, by Olivier Tarpaga

Tickets here

April 24 2024 - New Music Ensemble At Towson University Presents Towson, MD

I join the program on viola for a performance of Luciano Berio's Folk Songs

More info here

And here's a video of Louna Dekker-Vargas and I performing my arrangement of the first movement

May 2 2024 - Mama Tried Brooklyn

Freddy & Sally

Treasure Cat


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